The Master's Inn has been a huge part of my life for pretty much as long as I can remember. I remember riding up there with my friend from church. We were so nervous because we were worried that everyone there would have had the bible memorized and we would be outcasts. Nothing is further from the truth. The Master's Inn gave such an amazing atmosphere where it was easy to make amazing new friendships, as well as to build strong spiritual bonds with the people you came with. Every year my friend and I would bring home our new camp songs, jokes, clapping games and skits that we had learned at camp and excitedly talk about the next time we would go. It was literally the highlight of my entire year. No matter what was going on in my life, I knew that when summer came, TMI would add fuel to my fire, and I would leave lit up for God.  Eventually my church stopped going to TMI due to the dwindling youth group, so I decided to volunteer so that I could still have my TMI fix. To say that I was nervous is a HUGE understatement. I had always been very shy, and I would be going up there alone, not knowing anyone. I instantly connected  with so many people there. I was able to see the "behind the scenes" of TMI and I absolutely loved it! The two weeks flew by and I knew that I would do it again next summer, and I did. At the end of my two weeks, I was asked if I could stay for the whole summer. It was a huge decision that I thought and prayed about all night, until I eventually decided it would be in my best interest. I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions of my entire life. That summer everything finally felt right. I met some of the most amazing people, heard some of the most amazing speakers, and felt closer to God than I had ever felt. That summer changed me greatly. I opened up more than I thought I ever could, and I ended a relationship that was keeping me at a spiritual stand still. After that summer I happily returned for 3 more summers. During that time I learned many leadership skills, spiritual skills, and I learned how to ride horses, and to teach others how to ride.  I watched others my age enter college and spend their summers drinking, partying, and living a life of consequences, meanwhile, I had the privilege of spending my summer living with a group of amazing people, watching camper after camper dedicating their lives to Christ.  I am unfortunately unable to work at TMI anymore, and it makes me sad every time that I think about it, but I still think about those summers  fondly. I gained some life long friends, grasped the importance of "quiet time", learned how to get out of my shell in order to reach others, and how to live a life filled with joy. To say that The Master's Inn impacted my life would be a great understatement. I still and always will consider it to be the biggest turning point on my spiritual journey.