When I first came to The Master’s Inn I was a resident at the Presbyterian Home, a group home located in Lynchburg, VA. I came to The Master’s Inn with plenty of family and personal baggage (which isn’t too surprising considering where I lived).  At this point in my life God was less than an afterthought. In fact I had all but given up on the preschool lessons I had heard growing up.

I believe that God’s first work in me was truly completed through the love and kindness the staff at TMI showed me throughout the week at camp. Through this He made a way into not just my heart, but my mind as well. Although I did not make a decision that week, the seeds had been planted for future growth.

Two years later, during another week at camp, those seeds came to fruition. Once again I saw the love and joy from the staff and once again God used this to reach out straight to me. I made the decision to accept Christ that week. I was baptized at the lake in front of my fellow campers, and found out how much these people, mainly complete strangers, cared about me and this decision I had made.

Of course this was a huge moment, but living in the group home for 51 weeks out of the year was not a very good environment for a budding Christian, but God continued to work in my life. Although it was another year or so before my true discipleship began, I know I would not have been in a position to grow without the many seeds that had been planted through my time at TMI. It doesn’t matter the background you may come from the people that work at TMI truly care about every single young person that shows up to camp.  God used the Master’s Inn to greatly impact my life as he has so many other people.

Since camp I have graduated with my degree from Liberty University.  I met my wife while attending Liberty University.  We were both psychology UG majors, and in her last semester we had a class together – Group Dynamics – in which we did most of our assignments in groups. Incidentally, we ended up in the same group, which meant that we spent a lot of time out of class with others getting to know each other and work with one another. We didn’t speak after that spring class until the following semester, but when we did we both realized there was something there and I suppose the rest is history.  I currently work for Liberty University in the Online Admissions Department.